More than meets the eye.


More than meets the eye.


Exceptional eye care, focused on you.

Herkert Family Eye Care opened on December 21, 1998 when Dr. Herkert decided, after working for a larger practice, that he wanted something smaller and more personal where he can decide the best treatment plan for his patients.  HFEC was born just a few years later.  The practice was incorporated as of July of 1998 - the official opening was December 21, 1998. In the beginning there were only two staff members in addition to Dr. Herkert.  Ten years later, in 2008, the practice moved down the road to our current location to accommodate the significant growth in our patient base.

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6904 S. East Street, Suite C
Indianapolis, IN 46227

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

An eye exam is more than just getting a new prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. This appointment is crucial for Dr. Herkert to evaluate the health of the eye, which is one of the most complex organs in your body! The eyes can tell us a lot about a patient's overall health, which is why we recommend eye exams yearly.

Dry Eye Management

Dry eye can present itself in a variety of ways, such as burning, itchy or tired eyes. It can also be problematic for contact lens wearers. Each symptom needs to be evaluated and treated appropriately to achieve the best and healthiest results. 

Contact lenses

Whether you are a long-time contact lens wearer or a first time fit, we are confident that we can find the perfect contact lens for you. We provide our patients with contacts made from premium materials to maintain good eye health and ideal wearing plans for your lifestyle! 

Blue light protection

When it comes to protecting our eyes from harmful frequencies of blue light that comes from back lit devices and fluorescent lights, HFEC has the perfect solution no matter what your lifestyle and prescription requirements are from ready to wear glasses to custom Rx lenses!

Eye Care Technology

At Herkert Family Eye Care we are fortunate to have access to some of the newest technologies available on the market. In office we can perform preventative screenings as well as more in depth testing to monitor a number of ocular diseases. We also co-manage with some of the best surgery centers in Indianapolis.

Ocular Emergencies

It is crucial that you contact us if you are noticing flashes of light without a light source, as that can be indicative of problems at the back of the eye. Other problems like pain, infection, redness, and discomfort of the eye can also be treated in our office.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
— Hellen Keller