Optical and Eyewear

Optical and Eyewear

Experienced Opticians

Our boutique has hundreds of frames to choose from, so we are sure to find a frame that works for you. We know that it isn’t always easy to choose new glasses which is why we have opticians who have years of experience of fitting and dispensing eyewear to help guide you in your selection. We always love a challenge, so if you are struggling to find the perfect fit we will give you one on one attention every step of the way. We offer frames that are made from premium materials to ensure durability and longevity, as well as stylish design. There is nothing more important to us than quality, a comfortable fit, and fashionable frames. We want your eyewear to express who you are all while providing you the best vision possible.

Maui Jim Authorized Retailer

We love having the ability to educate our patients on the very best options for their eyes, and we feel that all of our patients would benefit from a prescription pair of polarized sunglasses. While we can create a polarized lens from almost any frame and Rx, we recommend trying Maui Jim's patented lens design to offer you the absolute best vision possible outdoors. Their lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare all while offering the richest colors and sharpest contrast. What we love about Maui Jim's Polarized Plus2 technology is that it also protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays produced by sunlight. Don't miss out on the colors of the world around you, Try Maui Jim sunglasses today! Once you try Maui Jim lenses you won't want anything else.

Prompt Adjustments and Repairs

Our opticians work tirelessly to provide our patients with timely service as we know just how serious it can be to go without glasses. We can perform many repairs as well as replacements in office. For jobs that need a bit more TLC, we outsource to one of our skilled labs that have every tool they need to get your glasses performing like new again.


The Optikam allows us to obtain accurate measurements and simulate different lenses to help you visualize what to expect for your new lenses. It takes all the measurements necessary for ordering your glasses down to a tenth of a millimeter, in just one photo. It not only provides us with accuracy but also time efficiency and the ability to fit you with some of the newest and more meticulously designed lenses.

Protective Eyewear

HFEC can provide kids and adults, and everyone in between, with a pair of safety eyewear specific to your activities whether they are athletics or occupation related. Our labs ensure the frames and lenses pass the appropriate safety regulations. We also participate in a safety program for several companies in the Indianapolis greater area. Not sure if your employer qualifies? Call our Optical today to find out!


As an independent eye care provider, it is important for us to partner with companies that share our vision. We work closely with Hoya Labs because we believe they offer the best service and products at the best price for our patients. Their lens catalog is extensive and always changing to include the most advanced lens technology. They offer exclusive products only available through their network of private practices, allowing us to pass that along to our patients. Our lab representatives are always providing us with thorough education about how their lenses work and why they are consistently at the forefront of engineering new designs.

BluTech Lenses

We offer the latest technology when it comes to protecting our eyes from harmful frequencies of blue light that comes from backlit devices and fluorescent lights. BluTech lenses actually block the high-energy blue light from penetrating the back of the eye to help prevent eye strain as well as protecting the macula. Herkert Family Eye Care offers ready to wear BluTech glasses that are perfect for those who have 20/20 vision, or for contact lens wearers who do more than 4 hours of computer work a day. We can also create a custom pair of BluTech computer glasses based on your prescription and measurements. BluTech lenses are known as "The lens for life" because they not only offer comfortable vision, but a safe and durable lens.

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