Routine and Medical

Routine and Medical

EyePromise Neutraceuticals

Dr. Herkert prescribes EyePromise Neutrsceuticals because all of their formulas are science-based to help patients maintain healthy eyes. We have chosen to dispense their product because their mission is the same as ours - to help fight vision loss and to preserve healthy vision. Their products are made with premium, all-natural ingredients, right here in the USA. EyePromise is a leader in their field, being one of few supplement manufacturers on the Council for Responsible Nutrition. They back their products with an unconditional money-back guarantee. The fact that they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is just the icing on the cake. They have invested their time in studying the effects of natural, dietary Zeaxanthin and its impact on macular pigment levels which are incredibly important when treating macular degeneration.

Retinal Health Assessment (RHA)

Dr. Herkert incorporated this technology for the prevention and management of macular degeneration. This retinal imaging technology allows Dr. Herkert to detect changes associated with macular degeneration many years before a change in vision is noticed by an individual or detected using traditional optical technology. He is the first and currently, the only doctor in Indiana to incorporate this technology into his practice.

Infection and Injury Treatment

Whether you are struggling with conjunctivitis (pink eye) or an eye injury like a corneal abrasion or foreign body, Dr. Herkert can diagnose and treat you here in the office. He will determine the very best treatment plan for your condition and is dedicated to educating his patients on how to prevent it from happening again. We will work with you to get you seen in a timely matter as we know how valuable your vision is.


Herkert Family Eye Care is proud to co-manage with some of Indianapolis' most skilled specialists. We believe co-management allows us to provide our patients with the absolute best care possible. Most patients return to our office 1 week after their initial surgery, whether it is refractive laser surgery, cataract extraction, retinal repairs, or lid surgery.

Contact Lens Fittings

Dr. Herkert takes extreme care with all contact lens wearers, whether you are a first time fit or an experienced contact lens patient. We keep a supply of the most popular diagnostic lenses in the office so often times you won't have to wait to get a contact on your eye. Of course, we also offer specialty contact lenses like gas permeable contacts (RGPs) or multifocal lenses that require more fine tuning than a standard contact lens. Our technicians always assist in educating the proper wearing plan for your specific contact and provide a thorough insertion and removal training.

Eye Eco

Eye Eco offers scientifically proven solutions for dry eye relief that are natural, safe, simple and reusable. Most of their focus is on moist heat, but all their masks have the option to be used cold to help reduce allergy symptoms, puffiness and inflammation. They have masks designed for treating dry eye symptoms from acute to severe. In addition to their masks, they offer eyelid and skin cleansers specifically formulated to be hydrating and non-irritating. These therapies contain shea butter and chamomile to help reduce blemishes, dark circles, and blepharitis. Dry eye is a progressive disease and left untreated it can impact your vision, eye health, and quality of life. It is our goal to join them in educating and treating all to help our patients look, feel, and see their best, every day.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Having an OCT in office provides Dr. Herkert the ability to improve patient care. Getting a baseline image of a healthy eye is crucial to preventing, monitoring, and treating ocular diseases like glaucoma. This machine allows us to take high-resolution, cross-sectional, and three-dimensional images. These images are immediately available and allow Dr. Herkert to determine your treatment plan on the same day of the testing. This imaging system can help us determine information from the very front of the eye to the back.

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