More than meets the eye.


Retinal Health Assesment


Dr. Daniel Herkert recently incorporated the latest technology in the prevention and management of macular degeneration. Herkert Family Eye Care has acquired the RHA from Annidis. This new retinal imaging technology allows Dr. Herkert to detect changes associated with macular degeneration many years before a change in vision is noticed by an individual, or detected using traditional optical technology. He is the first doctor in Indiana to incorporate this technology into his practice.

Annidis offers other technologies in eyecare. For more information, visit their website.







The Optikam allows us to obtain accurate measurements and simulate different lenses to help you visualize what to expect for your new lenses. 

The OptikamPad allows us to take all ten measurements necessary for ordering your glasses in just one photo.  It not only provides us with accuracy, but also time efficiancy. 


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